Interior Design Specialist – Access Audit & Inclusive Design Consultant


" Through design I want to make a difference - to fit around your life and what you need. Good design is a powerful way to improve the quality of life in your home."

As an interior designer who has knowledge of accessibility issues, I understand the problems faced by deaf and hard of hearing people.  Because of this I aim to make your home/workplace a place where you can feel safe and secure as well as creating a unique space to fit your needs.

It is a hard truth of life that either through accident, health problems, or old age, just about everyone eventually experiences some form of disability.  As our population ages, more and more people are finding it difficult to remain independent in their own homes. With preparation and planning (adaptation) Decor Dezign can turn your housing situation into a welcoming, accessible and functional home for a person with disabilities.

The way the current housing market is, more and more people are choosing not to move but to improve their homes.


Welcome to the world of interior design

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‘Good accessibility benefits all visitors. Disabled people have the greatest need for accessible facilities and services but only around 8% use a wheelchair, with many more having other mobility, hearing or visual impairments. People with health conditions and impairments – and their traveling companions – Spend £12 billion a year on tourism in England.‘                                                               

                                                                                  (VisitBritain 2016)